Frequently asked questions

Basic questions

Does Cresando post anything in Facebook / G+ / LinkedIn on my behalf?

No. We will not. Just to make sign up simple we added these options as well

Is it paid service?

No. This is absolutely free for all usage now. we may charge for service in future.

I have forgotten password. What to do?

Just click on " Forgot password" in main page. Enter your email ID and follow instructions.

Can i suspend my account for some time ?

Yes, You can suspend your account for some time and activate back with your connivance. This feature is available in Settings >> Select "Change my Profile Type" and choose "Make me Private" option

How do i notify offline users in Cresando ?

When you send a message to offline member there will be notification sent with your particulars.

Can i block any members ?

Yes, You can block members by selecting a broken Heart symbol under respective member profile.

How can I short list profile ?

You can short list your liked profile by selecting Heart symbol under respective members profile.

How can I achieve 100% completion of my profile.

You can achieve 100% Completeness & 100% TrustCompleteness by providing below information.

Profile Completeness
Upload Photo 30%
Login with Facebook 20%
Login with Google+ 10%
Country of Residence 10%
Religion 10%
Income Range 10%
Date of Birth 5%
Country of Origin 5%

Trust Completeness
Mobile Number verification 30%
Login via Google+ 25%
Login via Facebook 20%
Login Via LinkedIn 20%
National Photo Id Verification 15%
Referred by Cresando Member 10%